Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Rhinebeck Post

Rhinebeck was great this year! Last year was nuts so we decided to take it easy this year, especially with the baby along for the trip. We drove down Saturday morning and got to the fairgrounds at about 1pm. Building A was the first stop to say hi to The Spinning Room and see what was left of the Socks That Rock. I got the next to last skein of mediumweight last year in gorgeous blues at about 1 on Saturday, so I didn't expect to find much - but I guess The Fold planned for more this year because they still had a good selection! I picked up two skeins to add to my STR collection... now three, untouched, skeins.

Socks That Rock in fluorite. I had to buy it! It's just so... fluorite!

socks that rock fluorite 10212007

Socks That Rock in covelite. The colors told me to take it home.

socks that rock covelite 10212007

The next stop was food for the whole family. Paul stood in line for some lamb chili and a lamb bbq sandwich from the 4-H food vendors while I scouted out the vendors set up outside between barns and the one at the end in the yellow-striped tent. We sat down and ate our lunch (we made it a meal with some chocolate milk) right behind some beasties that I regret to admit we never determined if they were alpacas or llamas. Probably alpacas?

And that's when the Rhinebeck Insanity overtook me.

I bought some Araucania Ranco Multy in color 301 from I so don't even know where. There was another shopper looking through the selection, clearly in the throwes of Rhinebeck Insanity (RI) who muttered to herself, "But what will I do with it?" Without thinking, I responded, "Don't ask these questions now. Ask them later." That's me, talking to strangers. Clearly RI.

The spoils of that booth, wherever it was -

ranco 10212007

We browsed right past the Maple Creek Farms booth that I spent possibly an hour in last year (I don't know, time gets all screwy in that place!). Last year I settled on some green merino twist for an as yet unmade baby sweater.

And then we discovered the bunny crack.

Oasis Farm Fiber Mill in building 29 had the softest yarn I think I've ever laid my hands on. One blend was Bunny Something (should be called Bunny Crack but no one consults me about these things - something like 30% angora and 70% wool) and the other was Glamour Bunny (30% angora, 20% wool, 30% sunshine and 20% sleeping baby - okay seriously I can't remember other than it had 4 fibers and two were rabbit and wool and I want to knit a house of it and never come out). I love this yarn.

Bunny.... something

bunny 10212007

bunny close 10212007

Glamour Bunny

glamour bunny 10212007

glamour bunny close 10212007

After the bunny crack I was quickly running out of money, so I kept my eye out for a bargain. I found one at the Hudson Valley Sheep & Wool Company. They had natural-colored sock yarn, 205 yards for $5. I couldn't turn that down. Apparently neither could anyone else, because there was only one more skein after I came through. I should have bought it too.

natural sock 10212007

natural sock close 10212007

It is hard to photograph some of this stuff.

Paul and baby Spike made lots of friends too. Spike napped a while in his Babyhawk but still had plenty of smiles for passers-by while riding in his chariot stroller. When we got back to the hotel, though, he demanded a leisurely meal and a nap. Except this is how he slept -

tired from rhinebeck close 10202007

Supervised, of course (so don't call the baby police). He was wiped out.

For Rhinebeck we stay at the Holiday Inn in Kingston. We've stayed free both years by using Paul's accumulated points from working out of town. It's nice and clean, which I am extra grateful for after hearing about the Super 8.

So after a nap and a broccoli and ricotta pizza from Picnic Pizza, we headed to the Ravelry party. And what a party!! We met Cygknit, the other baby present sleeping on Cygknit, and Mr. Cygknit (who had an I-Heart-Hot-Moms t-shirt on). Check the Ravelry news blog entry for more about the party (also, Spike is smack in the center of the first crowd pic). Paul was very hapy to see the open bar, what with the being surrounded by knitters and all. Spike did enjoy the party until the last 15 minutes or so before the door prize drawing. We walked around a bit and tried the change of scenery method, that got us up to the drawing. Then Spike made himself infamous by being The Baby That Screamed after every cheer from the crowd and Paul took him outside. Mr. and Baby Cygknit went outside too where they had their picture taken by an employee of the restaurant because apparently, you don't see men holding babies outside all that often! We called it a night after the prizes were handed out.

Sunday was another gorgeous, perfect day. We slept in and made it to the fairgrounds around 11, and we left the stroller in the car. It was much easier to get around in the barns, but I was really worn out by the afternoon! We met up with some of our playdate friends from home and saw it all again. L2 bought a drop spindle and some practice wool, and some awesome baby alpaca for $1/oz. Yeah, I'm jealous. L2 had her hubby there and a friend who introduced us to Booksherpa from Ravelry. L1 had her hubby, baby, and mom with her, and L1's mom is pinehill on Ravelry. She knew all about Socks That Rock and when I mentioned Stitchy McYarnpants, she knew what I was talking about. People at Rhinebeck get it.

L1 checked out with some bunny crack too and she and her mom found some lovely alpaca. L1's family got lamb chili before the 4-H folks ran out, but sadly we missed the bbq sandwiches so we got some from the dude with the smokestack. Yummy!!

At the end of the day on the way to the wine, I stopped back in to Maple Creek Farms. I wanted some superwash wool and I picked up 8oz.

It's called sea weed.

Also, I love it.

maple creek superwash merino 10212007

After getting two bottles of wine, we piled in the car and came home. I'm so out of money, but I'm looking forward to next year!


SJ said...

I really like the "Bunny... something" and the "Glamour Bunny." Sounds like you had a great time!

Marianne said...

Gorgeous yarn! I especially love the STR!