Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Hederas

These socks were on hold for so long that when I picked them back up, my gauge had hopelessly changed. I am unsure whether or not to proceed...

hedera 07062007

Hmmmmm... if I frog, and I have to say I probably will, I WILL make these socks. It just might take another year.

I got my Ravelry invite! Come be my friend - I'm needlesnswiffers.


Sandy said...

Woot Ravelry!! I am jealous....900 left to go!

That pattern is pretty. IU just had a pick up a working sock guage problem. One sock is like 3 inches longer and more stretchy than the other...eeeek

Rhett said...

dang - that is AWESOME work!!! I am mucho impressed!! :)