Friday, November 18, 2005

Inquiring minds want to know (hence, "inquiring")

Oh boy, Thanksgiving is now officially less than a week away, and Paul and I are fast approaching the first major holiday as a married couple. We've been together for a few years and survived the holidays (and ensuing relatives) a few times, but this is the first time that anyone is coming to us for a holiday. Fortunately, I give myself a little credit for kitchen talent (with or without the occasional kitchen dancing) and I'm not so much worried about the actual cooking as planning for cooking, cleaning, and entertaining my parents and my sister.

Which is why we are going to the bulk store and buying enough wine to soothe a small country.

Then there's the rampant commercialism, which can be kind of fun, and probably enough leftovers on day two to feed... well, a small country. A country approximately the size of my house. But whatever. We can handle this. We have a plan. I have a plan!

It's two pages long, plus a calendar, and I don't have nearly enough wine on it yet.


You guys are probably dying to know what some of my unfinished works of knitting genius look like. At least, that's what I told myself after I was looking through old cat pictures for a contest on catster and saw this one. Maddie is lying somewhat contently on part of the graphic bag. It looks like that, except without so much cat.

In fact, Paul and I "found" it yesterday. I knew where it was, but it got buried by clean clothes quite a while ago and lived contentedly until we decided to put away Clothes Mountain yesterday and I pulled it out. It's half sewn together - this bag has one side attached to the strap and one side still roaming free. Seeing it again made me want to finish it even more than the vague nagging of an unfinished project, so maybe once the fuzzy feet are done I can give it a whirl.

Speaking of fuzzies, I'm 4 rounds into the toe decreases - the end is near.


Kristy said...

Once you start the toe decreases, it goes quickly to the end. It is thrilling, actually, in that way that only knitting can be thrilling.

Don't stress about Thanksgiving. I got married last Nov. 20 so we jumped right into our first married holidays. Just be thankful that this one will be with your family. It will make it easier. (Well, I'm guessing, since I don't know your family....)

Kristy said...

We spent Thanksgiving last year with his mom and dad. 5 days after our wedding. We delayed our honeymoon until February to spend Thanksgiving with them. She keeps telling us his dad (my fil) has some (unlabeled) illness and every holiday that comes along is FOR SURE his Very last holiday. My Handsome Prince is an only child and his parents were both in the early 40s when he was born. They live in BFE in Oregon so my first married Thanksgiving was just the four of us and nearly the entire dinner conversation was about how FIL was going to be dead soon. (note: he is still quite alive and quite healthy.) They asked me to cook things that are traditional for my family's Thanksgiving and I was the only one to eat any of those things!

Of course, I have a good old-fashioned Southern family and they are all (affectionately) crazy. I have never had a Thanksgiving with less than 20 people, including kids everywhere and utter chaos. The most chaotic thing about last Christmas was the cry-fit my MIL had because I didn't chop the garlic fine enough for the mashed potatoes!

(Sorry for the long-winded comments. Too much coffee and not enough motivation to do actual work today!) :)

Rhett said...

Well, we did Turkey Weekend last year with Kevin's family and WOW. We hosted at his house and the trick to was the cousins, age 13 and 10 are vegan. Not that I knock that, but at 13? Be SERIOUS! The parents eat meat all day and the kids... well, I am not going into that. I think everyone can guess how I feel about it.

Good luck to you Steph! I know it will be wonderful... You are a GREAT cook and if you let me know what time dinner was going to be, I would come help you not have so many leftovers... wine or food :)

Kristy said...

I'm sure your Thanksgiving will be great, Stephanie. How many are you expecting?

And Rhett, that's nutty about the vegan children. I would say BYO vegan turkey substitute. Of course, I live in California, so things like that don't particularly surprise me anymore. I work with a man who is a vegan and who(no kidding) had a sex change (he was born a woman) because (s)he was a lesbian and always "felt more like a man on the inside" and then decide that he likes men. So he is now gay. Yep.

Rhett said...

Kristy,I am in jaw dropping shock, but all I can think to say is, YEW!!!

Stephanie said...

So he is now gay. Yep.

I can't stop laughing at this.

Rhett said...

me either. it's the funniest thing i have read... i mean... i can just see the smirk, rolling eyes and nodding head as "yep." ends the sentence... and Kristy, we've never met! but that's what southern girls do:)

Stephanie said...

you girls behave... I have to leave to drive to greenville for HARRY POTTER