Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fire! Burning!! My eyes!!!!

You have waited long enough.

I present to you - the fire scarf!

On the left, we have Schulana Spumone (discontinued) in "Obnoxious Orange" (actually 029 101) and on the right we have Yarn Bee Talia in Angelique (available at Hobby Lobby). It's a garter stitch pattern, using one strand of each yarn but alternating yarns every row. Yeah. Try figuring that one out with the pinot noir.

Anyway, this scarf is all Darby's fault because she bought the Talia and needed a way to make it oranger, and I had the orange. Insert peer pressure here. Mostly the imaginary kind where I just want one too. I think this makes work in progress #3,845,625.

Luckily I just finished another project -

another garter stitch (but only one yarn) scarf in Patons Bohemian. I don't know what happened. I think the whole "It's December Now" thing made me flip out a little. Christmas! Ack! Go go garter stitch!

Now the colors on my screen show up pretty accurately but this yarn is brown chenielle with pink and green bits in it and it leaves little chenielle blobs all over the place. It's polyester and acrylic, and I don't care what you say. We're in love.

And yet . . . something seems familiar. It took me a while to put my finger on it, but I finally realized -

the yarn reminds me of my cat.

This cat.

And now, some of the blooper shots from this photo session:


Rhett said...

First to comment! oh wait... you are still beating me in the comments category. So off to another exciting day at work for me! I love your fire burning scarf! That is so neat! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the second scarf. I want some of that yarn...
Hey, speaking of scarfs and yarn... I bound off last night... and it worked... and I am wearing the purple scarf today! YEA!!!
Do you think it is gonna snow?

Kristy said...

I love that fire scarf. So cool. To look at those two yarns, I would not have invisioned that scarf as their offspring. It is beautiful, though.

Snow!?!? What is Rhett talking about, snow? I am so jealous. It is foggy here. This is pretty much the holiday weather we have: FOG. Sometimes I make my eyes blurry and look out the office window and pretend that the fog is snow.

Rhett said...

you are still comment queen... now you have a cursing cat that can comment not only swear, but type and log into my blog and everything! :) hahahahaha

Paul said...

great... now we have fur in our camera lens