Monday, December 05, 2005


(like a good housewife)

re: Judy's comment on Grumperina, she posted the alterations to the pattern but left out all the important stuff that probably technically belongs to the original pattern people. So without the original, you're pretty much flying solo.

re: Kristy on short rows, the hard part is counting. This is easiest done out loud. Which means no one wants to hang out with you. I never tried them before, and probably did them all wrong. Soooo don't care!!

re: Kristy on Friday's debauchary, it was a very good time.

re: dreaming of lace, the yarn is 100% mercerized cotton so I think I will block them, then decide (courtesy of Rhett the Wise)


There is a new knitty up. I need - NEED - to make Tubey. I don't know why but there you go.

I finished a scarf today, pics soon!


Kristy said...

I love tubey, too. I've only glanced at the pattern so I need to look more closely at the construction, which will actually require thought, which I am incapable of today. I have to find something that would be a good exercise in short rows. I'm big on test knitting before I actually try to apply a technique.

How's the weather there? I miss the South the most at Christmas time.

Rhett said...

Kristy... it's cold! VERY cold and people don't know how to drive in it! I love the tuby Stephanie... it is awesome! If you make one, I want to see it... and will you let Paul take pics of you modeling sweaters... I mean... fair is fair.