Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm dreaming of post-Christmas knitting...

Yeah. Already.

Even while I'm sitting here thinking of what to write next, exactly, I'm knitting. Because the deadlines are approaching, and I might be in love with two scarves at once. I needed a break from the Fuzzies.

On Thursday I had this wild idea and left the house. I bet some of you do this all the time but I actually need an occasion of some sort. Unfortunately I brought home some more yarn and did this:

Well, my keyboard is dark.

This is lace knitting (not to be confused with knitted lace) and is the pattern for Cozy, except only one repeat and only 19 stitches wide. Oh yeah and the needles are WAY smaller. Torture. I was thinking of making a completely useless scarf. The question is, do we like the one on the top or the one on the bottom better? Remember that blocking cures a multitude of sins. And the top one is on size 4, the bottom is size 6.

In other news, Campbell's chunky canned soups (and their generic counterparts) are NOT, I repeat NOT NOT NOT healthy!! 18g of fat in one serving and two servings per can is NOT good for you, no matter how badly you are craving chicken and dumplings. This is what I must repeat to myself. Also, I bet I could make this from scratch better...

Also, I am not young enough to not get hangovers anymore. That little joy is now lost. All day yesterday Darby and I both were hurting due to massive alcohol consumption on Friday because SHE DEFENDED and is thusly awesome. But we knew that. We brought her chinese food yesterday. And now Darby needs a bloglias (blog + alias) so she doesn't get a legion of stalkerific fans, cause she totally would. Or we could just call her Darby and let all of you (and the stalkerifics) wonder what her real name is. Hmmmm.

Well apparently my "husband" is "hungry" and making noise in the "kitchen" so I better go stop that.


Kristy said...

Sounds like Friday was either and extremely good time, or a very bad time.

I like the lace knitting on the top. At least with that yarn. It looks a bit more tidy. And has better definition, I think.

Judy said...

I think the one on bottom will look lacier after blocking, and lace always looks awful until it's blocked anyway. The bottom one gets my vote.

Rhett said...

I vote the top. Sorry, smaller needles but I like it. Although Judy is smarter than I and if she says that blocking will cure it... then the bottom might be fun too... can you block a sample and then I can decide:)

Paul said...

I do not recall said noises in said kitchen... besides, everybody says I'm too thin, you should feed me!