Friday, December 02, 2005

Stephacue, or how to distract yourself from cleaning or finishing grad school

Okay. Honestly. How often do you work on some knitting for a while, go about your (non-knitting) business - I know it's difficult to imagine, but work with me here - and then hours after knitting discover a knitting needle stuck through your hair?

This just happened to me.

I'm taking it as a sign.

I need better horizontal rules. And the hr tag doesn't work (boo!).

Sooooo Grumperina (whose site, incidentally, taught me that when I used to twist every stitch I was not knitting wrong, I was knitting Eastern) has been blogging a lot about the Grumpicue.

Original pattern




Now after perusing all of these, I thought the short rows might be kind of fun. But I didn't wanna buy a pattern. Or commit to making anything large. And who wants to buy a pattern just for the sake of curiosity? Not me, oh no.

So I cast on 10 stitches with the yarn closest to me (cone o' cotton, sugar and creme or something) and the needles closest to me (size 3 dpns) (ouch). This is what I have:

  • This is a repeat of 4 rows. Essentially, anyway

Each RS row is shortened by one stitch...

I really don't know.

Also, the way the colors are changed on the Grumpicue, she must be making the last stitch (the one that gets short rowed) has to be in the new color.

I have no idea what I'm doing. But I may have made a coaster.

Why did I do this.


Judy said...

Doesn't Kathy (Grumperina) have her pattern up online? I thought I saw it, but I could be wrong. I like your coaster, know what else, if you made it with doubled cotton it would be a cute potholder. Never enough of those around!

Send me your mailing address to
dragonflyknits(at)gmail(dot)com for the lovely sock yarn prize, by the way.

Kristy said...

You are a brave woman. I have terrible tremors and my eyes start to water and my ears start ringing everytime I even contemplate trying short rows. The scare me. I am a knitting wuss.

Kristy said...

The other day, I spent nearly an hour and a half looking for one of my dpns and then I got pissed and decided to just go take a shower. When I took my hair down, my MIA needle fell out. I'm glad no one was there to witness that.

Jenna (aka Foo) said...

OMG! I love that "coaster"! I now have the insane desire to knit coasters...

Rhett said...

I am sooooo confused by the knitting in a circle... Stephanie you are my hero!

Also, I wore a size 13 needle behind my ear for a while last night. I never forgot it was there... but it was my attempt at developing a new fad :) Kevin was not so interested in developing it with me