Monday, October 29, 2007

Easy Baby Cardigan - True to its name

In the interest of blogging about this before I finish it, this is the Easy Baby Cardigan in Bernat Softee. The yellow is funny - in this photo, it looks buttery, but in some light it can look almost electric. Either way, it's a nice shade of yellow for a lucky baby. I intended to knit this for Spike, but then I would have only had something like 5 yards of yarn left, so I made the 6 month size, but it looks like that won't fit for long. So, since I know three pregnant women I knew this sweater would not go unloved and I made it small.

It's cute. Also, not done yet. I've finished the body and about 80% of one sleeve.

In other news, today I made mittens for Spike. They were needed - it's cold! I know that these days you don't knit or crochet to save money for the most part, but I think in the realm of baby and toddler cold weather gear you really can save some money by doing it yourself. These mittens took me less than an hour and were a fraction of what they would cost to buy.

Also, universe, I hereby submit my request for a drive-through post office. I know it would be all sorts of unsafe and insane, but boy it sure would be convenient for those of us with sleeping babies in the car who must be removed from their car seat into a carrier and hauled into the post office. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

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