Friday, January 26, 2007

Merino Twist

merino twist
Originally uploaded by stephanie with the yarn.
Every time I see this yarn in the stash, I fall in love love love with it all over again. It's slightly shaded behind the twist, and it will make a lovely baby sweater for the Monkey* when he gets here. I bought this at Rhinebeck. It is 100% merino wool, worsted weight, from Maple Creek Farms. The woman working at the booth was a real pleasure to chat with, which I sadly didn't find everywhere at Rhinebeck.

*I'm trying out nicknames. He needs a "name" for my birthing class, which starts next week. Other contenders: Squirt. I'm not good at this.


Rhett said...

peanut, peatie, bubba, junior, the prince, oh this is so much fun!

SJ said...

I love the yarn. It's beautiful - and perfect for a baby boy's sweater. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

You're looking for nicknames, as opposed to actual names, right? We used to always call my nephew, "Little Man." ...I can't think of much else right now... I guess I'm not good at this either. :-/

Sandy said...

hmm I call my sisters oldest girl monkey, and the other girl is chickadee, and her boy is little D

Some suggestions :
Wonder Boy, Butch, El Captain, Yankee, Tiger Pumpkin, Rocky, Kiddo

Josh say's : Melvin, Sparky, Fat Boy (his stepdad's nickname)

the yarn is really pretty. Im drooling over sock yarn trying to pick which one I want to buy!

Stephieface said...

Squirt works if the baby makes you pee alot.

Let's see, Sam was Lumpy because of watching some show that showed a baby at his developmental in uetero stage. It looked like a tadpole, but Lumpy. Viola
TJ was Booboo, which should be obvious in some ways
The one I am pregnant with now, Beans, is Beans because I had a 7 week sonogram and the Mister likened our baby to a little cocoa bean.

We just picked something that stuck out from each pregnancy.

Stitchen for Kids said...

I love the yarn!! That has to be a hard one to wait on knitting!

How about peanut? I love it when people call kids or babies "our little peanut." :)