Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Five Weeks

Everybody says that the time flies, and it does. I can't believe my little newborn is so grown up already. Last Wednesday, at four weeks, he weighed 10lbs 11oz, up from 8lbs 5oz at birth. He's already outgrown some of his clothes and smaller cloth diapers.

Including the soaker I knitted.

Diaper Cover 3

I thought it looked big, so I waited to try it on him. By the time I did it barely fit! So this was the first and last wearing. I guess I'd better get cracking on the next one before it's too late.

Coming soon... random meme.


Stephieface said...

OMG! The cuteness!!

Yeah- about baby clothes... that's the terrible secret of the baby clothes industry.... your kid will only fit 0-3 months for about 0-3 weeks.

No fair, right?

radmama said...

What she said. :-)

Good job, mama!

p.s. This post was right below yours in my knitting bloglines. http://dewarewolfe.blogspot.com/2007/06/one-month.html