Saturday, May 19, 2007

I dyed.

I actually dyed a while ago at this point, but please refer to my prior two posts as to why I haven't mentioned it.

dyed yarn

On the left, an oceanic type thing for Stephieface. On the right, cotton candy-esque business for Radmama. They're both 100g of merino sockweight.

dyed yarn green

Then there's this accident. I tried to dye three colors at once in one pot. It was working until I let the water boil (whoops). The yarn didn't felt but the colors mixed, and it doesn't look that bad despite the change in plans.

cloth wipes

A while ago I sewed cloth wipes for little Spike, as we are cloth diapering. So far, we love it!

bear in prefold snappi

This one of Spike's friends modelling a newborn chinese prefold diaper held on with a Snappi - the newer alternative to diaper pins.