Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Probably not the last poop blog

But the real question here is, why is California not adequately treating its sewage?

Poop the First

Poop the Second

(Seriously, I want to know. If you find the answer please alert me.)


Stephieface said...

I read that and thought...
"Oh my god, 'Finding Nemo' was right- all drains to lead to the ocean!"

hehehe, my verification word is kupoo...hehehehehe

Rhett said...

so - i dont know why they arent treating it either. thats just gross - and we wonder why the spinach and lettuce have ecoli in it - they blamed the cows....

it's so not the cows fault!

Rhett said...

did you see that CA wants to ban the incandescent light bulb too? apparently - if you are a fan of those we'll have to ship them along with the cat litter. :)