Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cotton's Ease

Today was like any other day, except I have a doctor's appointment where I get to do the fancy smancy glucose blood test to make sure I'm not in some sort of blood sugar tailspin and drink the magic kool-aid, until I woke up and decided to check my email.

Apparently I am the last person on Earth to be notified that Lion Brand has brought back their insanely popular, insanely easy to wash (and dry) Cotton-Ease yarn.

Well, sort of. It is back, but the colors are different. There is no information about fibers or skein size, but it retails at 50 cents higher than before ($5.49 for ? vs $4.99 for 3.5 oz). My newsletter says it is machine washable and dryable. And although the colors are nothing like the vibrant colors of the past, there is a lime green. They may live.

Tomorrow: a review of the reviled Glucola.


radmama said...

Ugh. That was my least favourite test- I almost puked. I refused it when pregnant with kidlet 2.

You can ask to do it in a different way than chugging carbonated kool-aid in most places and/or skip it altogether.

There is interesting research out there on whether id'ing Gestational Diabetes is accurate or helpful irt outcomes...

But, for today, try not to puke! ;-)

Stephanie, housewife extraordinaire said...

Have no fear, I have done my homework on this one. Unfortunately I'm more susceptable to gestational diabetes so I decided to do it this time. I don't think the drink will bother me - I mean, I am not that far removed from questionable punches in college. I've already had to have my glucose checked once (at 12 weeks) with a better test (and passed), and my mom the nurse is sure she had GD but was not diagnosed.

So I ate what they told me to eat and we'll see what the lab has to say about me.

Rhett said...

good luck! make them give you purplesaurasusrex - it's my favoriate koolaide - kinda reminds me of that sweet tart stuff :)

Stephieface said...

For me, this is how you can tolerate drinking the glucose crap....
1. Go in thirsty as heck
2. Ask for the cold stuff, and if they have no cold stuff demand ice
3. Chug

I had the orange and sprite flavors so far.... demand the orange.

Anonymous said...

FYI - Smiley's yarn has LB Cottonese for $1.99. I still can't believe that they raised the prices either. I would boycott LB, but I really like working with cottonese.

Kim said...

Cottonease was before I started knitting, so now I have all these REALLY high expectations of it. Like, it better keep me in a state of perpetual youth, fo sho.

Also, I wanted to thank you for your nice compliment on my sweater :)