Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Resolve in 2007

So I went digging through archives both here and yon looking for last year's resolutions, and as it turns out I didn't make any. We were in the process of moving, and it was crazy freaky wild, and there were a lot of boxes and a lot of money going out.

Sad to say there are still some boxes, and still money going out, but we are doing pretty well. We make more than we spend. When the baby is born, our debt should be one student loan that is actually less money than it cost us to move and 3 years left on the car we bought 2 years ago. Not bad. Oh and the hospital costs, whatever those may be. I fully support homebirth but if the goal is comfort I would be better off going to the hospital and checking out early if I want to for baby #1.

Anyway, back to some resolutions here. Here they are, in no particular order.

The theme for 2007 is taking charge of my own destiny.

1. Looking back made me realize that I used to be funny (read the January archives!). Not to put a label on what I am today, but funny is not the first word to come to mind. So I will work on being less cynical. Even the cats will be happier.

2. I think about things to do, and then I don't do them. Why? So to solve this, I will institute lists - lists of weekly, monthly, and more long term goals. I will be reasonable, but I will do something and gain a sense of accomplishment. If the lists don't work through January, I will find and execute another multi-level goal accomplishment structure. Because I need structure.

3. I like blogging, so I will make time to do it. If I don't participate, I am just lurking.

3a. I keep up with blogs of people I know. I will not beat myself up for getting behind on blogs though - it sucks the joy right out of reading them.

4. I eat well, but I would like to keep tabs on just how well to better make up for any deficiencies. So for January at least, I will be writing a food journal. This is more of a goal than a resolution, but it's January so here it is.

5. I will get outside of the house every day. The air is better out there.

6. I will get up at a decent hour in the morning and go to bed at a decent hour at night, every day. I would like to get up and spend time with my husband before work and not have to worry about drop-ins while I'm still in PJs, so maybe we'll start with "decent hours" and go from there.

7. I will consistently work towards making my home a better place to live. This means that a lot of those lists are going to involve developing better cleaning habits.


Kim said...

Good resolutions. I'm not going to write mine down or say them out loud. Then no one can hold me to them! Yes, I know I defeat myself just by saying that.

Rhett said...

I am inspired... I'll work on mine tonight :)

Michelle said...

Great list! I made my knitting wants list but I haven't written down my list for life in general. I should do that.