Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oh, and it finally got cold

The high for today is 16 degrees. That's Fahrenheit in case you wondered.

A few days ago we had an ice storm that dressed up the bushes in the backyard for winter.

icy bushes

icy bushes close

Now the bushes are all naked again. When will we get some decent snow?

I know I promised to tell all about the secrets of glucola, but fortunately (?) they scheduled the test for a week earlier than it can be done. For those keeping score at home, this means I have to eat scrambled eggs twice now. While my OB/GYN practice is great in many ways, it also reminds me occasionally that the best health advocate is YOU. I am sure that when we get around to discussing birth plans, I'll be repeating myself a lot. I don't lack confidence in their ability (I don't need to write "DO NOT REMOVE" on any limbs or anything) but they all seem to rush in and be in dire need of a cheat sheet.

I am doing fine and I'm right on track. Yippee!


Stephieface said...

I had this same complaint when faced with docs that doubted my knowledge of when I am sexually active with my Mister. I highly doubt that the Mister would slip me a roofie, so I was confident I was right. Color me victorious when the doc admitted to being 'wrong' yesterday at my 14 week appointment.

Don't get me wrong, they are awesome baby catchers.... docs just need to use their "listening ears" more.

radmama said...

Yeah, my first birth-attending doctor really refined my advocacy skills with pregnancy 2.

IRT the last post: I trust your academic excellence to propel to research every second. ;-)

Rhett said...

baby catcher.... hahaha....