Sunday, September 24, 2006

You're the Next Contestant!

Thanks for all the congrats, guys!

For all you creative naming types, I found a contest. Lee at welcome to my pantry is starting a business selling preserves and is looking for a business name.

The rules:

1) It can't have [her] name in it.
2) It needs to be relatively short and end in preserves- i.e. "Naked Berry Preserves"
3) I do jams, jellies, pickles, chutneys and syrups using fruit and vegetables so it should be inclusive. Naked Berry is actually my favorite so far but I have nixed it for this reason.

Contest entry link.

I really need some kind of line divider thingy.

So now, about my contest....

The competition was tough....

No one completed an iPod offer.....

And since there were only two correct guesses, I've decided I can't just choose between them. Even with slips of paper and a hat, nope. So! There are two contest winners:


Congratulations to both of you. Watch the email for prize info. :)

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Kristy said...

Hi Stephanie! I have gotten behind on my blog reading. Congratulations on the baby!! I am so happy for you. And that snug/sweater is precious!