Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Answers You've All Been Waiting For

The Drawing

Two people signed up for the i-Pod site but didn't complete an offer (as far as I can tell). If it just hasn't gone through yet or you forgot or whatever, email me and let me know! I will hold the drawing after I have heard from you two - the veggie lover and the knit.purl. Please email me at housewifewithyarn at gmail dot com. I need to hear from you by Friday!

Now, about the guessing portion of our contest. I'll remind you of the clues:

The REASON is really obvious from the pattern.
The PATTERN can be discerned from the reason.

The pattern is not a free pattern, but access is widespread. The pattern was published in the last 5 years.

The object is for me in the near future (that ought to help with the reason).

I am using Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece in Candy Apple. This yarn is a sub, but the fibers are the same. The ratio of fibers, however, is rather different. I bought 9 skeins.

NOTHING that is guessed will offend me. So don't worry about that.

This clearly stumped a lot of people, judging by the number of entries I got.

The Pattern

The pattern is from the Summer 2006 issue of Interweave Knits (not a free pattern).

The pattern is very much related to the reason.

The item is for me in the near future.

The called for yarn is a merino/cotton blend, in different ratios but the same fibers as Cotton Fleece.

The Reason

The reason is really obvious from the pattern - I would only need this, for me, for one reason.

The reason affects me, which is why the item is for me.

I had to say that nothing would offend me so that someone would screw up the courage to guess it.



I guess I'll have to tell you all my little secret.

The pattern is Kate Gilbert's Mommy Snug, from the Summer '06 Interweave Knits issue.


And the reason is this little blob right here.

ultrasound 09192006 top 2
Helpfully labeled for your identification pleasure (I can't tell you how much better it looked on the screen). We'll be meeting our little blob next spring, when it will be less of a blob and more of a baby. Today I could see the heartbeat, and on the screen I could actually pick out arms and legs and a head. Pretty cool.
Yup. Pretty cool.


Kim said...

Ok, I never would have guessed that in a million years. You are like, evil Rumpilstiltskin riddler!

AND HELLO, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I wanna knit you baby things. You cannot dissuade me. But not those Mason Dixon bibs. I'm frickin' sick of those.

God. How exciting! Our Housewife with Yarn is becoming a mommy with yarn!

ETownDZ said...

Hooray Hooray, congrats to you! Now I can link you on my blog...
Hopefully I'll have similarly good news tomorrow. Cross your fingers.

Rhett said...

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to see the pics and to finally know what it was you were knitting. I was so not even close, but I maintain that I LOVE the color :)

Judy said...

Woohoo! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you; your life will never be the same again, but in a good way (usually).

So with the bambino/bambina due in the spring, you must be about 3 months along? That is when I started to feel really good when I was pregnant, although I actually liked being pregnant both times.

Congratulations again, and keep us posted on how you're feeling and doing!

Stephieface said...

I'm curious.... is your yarn counter your baby counter and you held it in front of our noses all hidden and whatnot? Cause that is something I would totally do!


Sandy said...

I can't wait for more pictures of your little bundle :)

Michelle said...

Congratulations! How exciting!!

SJ said...

Aawww, congratulations!!! I wondered if all your talk about discerning the reason from the name and whatnot (something like that anyway) had anything to do with a baby (though I never would have guessed the pattern anyway). But, you're prego!!! YAY!!! :) :) :) I'm excited.

may said...


I love that sweater too

Stitchen for Kids said...