Monday, September 04, 2006


Yes!!!! A contest!!!

We here at the Housewife with Yarn (ummm, that would be me) are having our very first blog contest. As this is a very first contest, we might mess things up a bit but I will try really, really hard not to. Here is the dilly, yo (I am sooo lame).

The prize is .............

100 grams of custom-dyed sock yarn
100% merino wool
Approx. 440 yards (yeah, knitpicks)
This is enough for two socks on most people.
I will try really, really hard to dye you some yarn. I do solids best (duh) or I can go semi-solid or multicolor, but I cannot make promises about striping. Not to be confused with stripping, which I also cannot promise.
If merino ain't your thing, I'll just buy you some yarn. Don't let this stop you.

You can get contest entries two ways. You may enter as many times as you like.

1) Paul has signed up for one of those pyramid dealies where you get 5 friends to sign up for free or cheap offers and you get a free i-pod. I have heard about this for like ever and yeah, I signed up. He only needs four more referrals to get the i-pod I've already heard so much about. If you go to the referral site HERE and sign up for an offer, you will be entered into the contest drawing TWICE.

Twice! Don't say I never gave you anything. Paul totally made me do this.

2) THIS IS THE COOLEST CONTEST EVER because this was the part I thought of first. This is the big deal. Here it is.



Your entry, which should be emailed to housewifewithyarn AT gmail DOT com, must include your guess as to

- what I am knitting (name of the pattern and source) and
- why I am knitting this pattern

Entries must be received by Thursday, September 14th 2006 at 10am EST.

Here are the clues:

The REASON is really obvious from the pattern.

The PATTERN can be discerned from the reason.

This is my gauge swatch.


That's a k2 p2 rib on size 6 needles. The pattern calls for 4 mm needles.

The pattern is not a free pattern, but access is widespread. The pattern was published in the last 5 years.

The object is for me in the near future (that ought to help with the reason).

I am using Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece in Candy Apple. This yarn is a sub, but the fibers are the same. The ratio of fibers, however, is rather different. I bought 9 skeins.

NOTHING that is guessed will offend me. So don't worry about that.

You can enter as many guesses as you care to type, but to be entered into the prizewinning drawing the two parts of the entry must be correct to count.

Let's say I'm knitting Clapotis because my neck is cold.

Entries of, "Clapotis from knitty because you like it" or "Hederas from knitty because your neck is cold" are both incorrect. But since you can enter as many times as you like, you have more chances to hit the pattern and the reason together.

Okay... email away! I'm going to bed!


Kim said...

I have absolutely no idea. I never win anything :(

SJ said...

That's a tough one - definitely for the best of the knitting researchers out there! (I.E. I would lose.) =)

Kristy said...

My gosh, Steph, this is a complicated contest! :) But a contest, nonetheless. And a snazzy prize...

Stephieface said...

I sent my guess!

Leslea said...

I have no idea, I wish I knew anything about knitting. Do you knit crazy socks? I could use some of those.