Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Is it naptime yet?

Sorry, too tired for a links post today.

1) I found Mexican food. It's different, but good. They also sell cheeseburgers and caesar salad, and I only saw one actual Mexican. Go figure.

2) Grace was born at 2:30 this morning after making her mommy labor for 25 hours to deliver her 8 pound 9 ounce self, 22 inches long. That is a LONG baby. She was two weeks overdue. But she's reaaaaaaaaaallly cute. And she squeaks!

3) I need to do some spinning before class tomorrow. Spinning-on-a-spinning-wheel-spinning!

And now, naptime.


Kristy said...

What have you knit for this new baby? Every baby knits handknits!

Kim said...

I need a nap too.

Rhett said...

i want a nap too.... gotta get ready to head home - maybe post a little before then - then gotta move the cat to my parents for the weekend... that should be pleasant... 30 minutes in the car with a cat that hates the car... lovely.