Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Note to Rhett:

Remember when you sheltered me from the cold cold night while I was in the process of moving across the country? Remember how I said I loved the bed but lacked the eloquence to tell you exactly how much I loved the bed?

This lady put it all into words. Except for the part about it being in NYC. The best bed on earth is in Rhett's guest room. Go visit Rhett. But read this first.

Note to Paul:

I love you dearie! And I know you check my blog because I have a site meter.

Note to Sarah:

What are you doing next Tuesday or Wednesday? I sometimes go to knitting groups that meet those nights and I'd love to see you. There is one in horse-town on Thursday if that distance is more convenient (the other two.. one is where the fair was last week and one is near my JoAnn's).

Wow, were those locations sufficiently vague enough so that stalkers won't figure out where we live but you have any idea what I'm talking about? Ha.

Note to Grace:

Sweetie, I know it's warm and cozy in there but it is time to leave Mommy and come out to meet the family and friends. We're all anxious to meet you. And I bet your mom is ready for you to get out!

Note to Courtney:

Happy 23rd birthday. Yeah I totally called you out on your age, in public! Tee hee. Of course you don't read this (see Note to Paul) but there you go, birthday wishes just for you. I know you'll find your way.

Note to Everybody:

About all the answers you seek - what am I doing with worsted weight and size 3 needles, how are oatmealless oatmeal cookies, meaning of life, where is my Interweave Knits Fall issue, how are those lime green hederas doing, does grandma have a shawl or what?!? and more - all will be revealed in due time. Actually, when I wake up from the perpetual sleepiness I'm currently experiencing. Stupid cats waking me up to meow at me.

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SJ said...

Love the notes! It did take me a minute to figure out what you meant by horse-town, but then when I realized what you meant I felt like an idiot! Ha ha. Anyway I would love to join you and your knitting group on one of those days. -I will send you an E-mail from home later, to follow up.

Oh, and I second the note to Grace. The wait is killing me, so I can only imagine how Denise feels. Come on, Grace!