Monday, September 11, 2006

Housewiferly Musings

This new modern-woman-doing-beat-poetry NuvaRing ad is making me crazy. You know how some things just annoy you in a skin-crawling sort of way without any real explanation? Yeah. It's like that.

Just so you have as much fun as I am, watch it here.

Finally, I have had an epiphany regarding daytime television. What's with all the people on soap operas being 1) doctors, 2) lawyers, or 3) independently wealthy? All they do is get fancy diseases, or sue each other, or wander around their mansions wringing their hands because they "accidentally" ran over their cousin-in-law or there's a crazed stabber on the lose or someone wrote someone else out of a will. I mean, seriously, these people should have jobs at Target or as tellers in a bank just like all the real people.... which is where my epiphany kicked in, and I realized that they are, after all, just catering (so to speak) to their audience. Because the people who are home watching soap operas are either sick, injured, or manage their money enough that they don't have to have two incomes. Note, I don't say wealthy.

Besides, I've been shirking my housewifeyness lately with a part-time temporary fill-in job at.... a yarn store. Yeah. If I'm not living the dream at home, I can live it at work. "Work". The owner is in Ireland and they needed someone to fill in here and there while she's gone.

Now, about the contest.... I've only gotten a few entries. Come on, you guys!! I'm going to have to pull out all the stops here. I'm quite surprised with the results so far. Remember, you can guess as many times as you feel like emailing me, so guess away!! Click here for the contest rules and how to enter.


Kim said...

You're like the second person I know who got a job at a yarn store. Man, I must be doing something wrong.

Judy said...

I have disqualified myself from your contest, due to the fact that you won sock yarn from me about 2 years ago, and I have yet to send it!! I should be flogged with a circular needle.

The yarn store job sounds you get an employee discount, too? I'd never get paid in money, only in yarn.