Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Housewife with Links 1:6

Okay, I admit I haven't felt like writing much lately. But I figure everybody goes through phases here and there, and I'm there, so there. Ha.

Knit Nation

So rest assured that I am, in fact, here. I am still not knitting much, although I picked up Grandma's shawl (since I got that mandate from the Harlot) and figured out what was going on. I also figured out that the yarn snapped a few rows back and needed to be reknitted (yeah it really did) so I tinked back and I'm back on track.

Which is why I'm now drooling over another new pattern: the Universal toe-up sock formula.

For Kristy, look here to find out the history of Hedera and my obsession. Although I should note, I did buy the yarn. The rest of that entry should explain why.


Don't laugh. Ever heard of flaxseed? As in, you probably need more flaxseed in your diet? Well. Here you go. Ever since I found the bins and bins and BINS of seeds, granola, flour, all kinds of healthy looking goodness at the grocery store within walking distance, I've been looking stuff up and trying to figure out how to use it! See, this is what happens when you don't work.

I also found this page about what to do with whole grains, once you get them. I have my eye on the brown rice stir fry recipe near the bottom. mmm.

I've also been playing with, which does an okay job of tracking calories going in vs calories being used. Overall, it makes a pretty reasonable estimate even though they spell flour as "flower". Ha.


This week's Blogger of the Week award posthumously goes to punkrockknitter and knittykitty, who gave up the job this week of writing the hilarious and frightening You Knit What?? You will be missed.


Rhett said...

LOVE the brown rice! Love it most cooked in 98% fat free chicken broth with a touch of lemon juice and some water (as needed). It takes a while to cook - much longer than white rice - but it is so good... One of my favorites!

I am still afraid of sock knitting. I think I need to bring my yarn, my size 4 dpns and some wine and spend a weekend tutoring.

Kristy said...

If there is going to be a sock knitting weekend, I want to be there, too. I have had a terrible time getting motivated with the socks.

And I didn't know that You Knit What was going the way of the unicorn. So sad.

Leslea said...

I am SO down w/ flaxseed.