Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Musings in my sauna

It's hot. Something in the upper 90s with over 100 heat index. I know that some of you are not impressed by these numbers. "Ha!" you might say, "It was that hot here for a week!" All I can say to that is, of course, Nanny Nanny Boo Boo. And yes, I'm running the air. When it's 85 and I'm drinking a ton of water, the a/c doesn't seem so necessary, but today it is. I know my limits!

Gotta go to camp today for the monthly meeting. I don't actually go to the meetings, but I sit with Grandma while everybody else does. The meetings are just awful . . . someone drones on and on about something, while major issues go unaddressed, and people smoke in the back and most people's hands are permanently shaped around a Keystone Light. So Grandma and I will have a good time in the cabin playing with the rabbit ears trying to get channel six.

I hope to be able to work on my Hederas, which I am in love with again now that I've tried it on and know it will fit, and maybe execute the 2 month delayed i-cord bind off on Grandma's Snowdrop Shawl. I emailed the Yarn Harlot approximately a million years ago and never got an answer. *tear* So while I know the truth is my little email probably got lost in the pile, I like to assume it was a non-response to mean I should pull myself up and figure it out myself. A mandate from the Harlot, intended to build my confidence and make me self-sufficient in the end. Tough yarn love, or some such. Clearly I have too much free time, and probably not enough protein to replace lost brain cells. But just go with me here. I'm hungry, after all.

Tomorrow I'm making meatballs and sauce. Who's coming over?


Rhett said...

me!!!! what time's dinner?

Kristy said...

Oh, I am SOOO there for dinner!

I know my blog-neglect is showing, but what is this project you speak of? Hederas? I know I should be scrolling back through previous posts but I am (subversively) reading blogs on my lunch hour at work and I don't want to linger too longer and earn myself a slap on the wrist because of my internet usage! :)

Stephieface said...

As long as I don;t have to wash dishes I'm in

Rhett said...

i had sauce but no meat balls - not as eventful and no pork chop involved....

oh well, i thought of you.... i hope it was delicious!