Monday, August 21, 2006

Maybe my computer can resist crashing before I post this

Brady is coming to visit tomorrow from the great wild lands of WhereWeUsedToLive. We're excited to see him, and I have about a million things to do including clean my mess of a kitchen. Yesterday I pulled the stove apart and cleaned all the little parts and OhHolyNight the part underneath where all the little bits fall? I don't think it has been cleaned one bit since the oven was purchased. Circa 5 years ago. The thing about me, and dirt, and me and dirt, is that once I know where it is I'm not happy with it or me until it is gone. I can't always clean it right that second, of course. But I know it's there.

Gosh, I've been semi-MIA for so long that my knitting blogs folder in bloglines has over 400 unread blogs now. Boy. I remember when 20 or so was a good day because I knew I'd be entertained; then I discovered Charmed reruns on TNT.

Last week I attended a new knitting group at a LYS. It was absolutely refreshing, and I'll definitely continue attending. Although I got the feeling they were excited I was under age 40.


Today's fun:

4:06 PM
Paul: so/
love-y ness?

me: do you still want me to make sauce?
Paul: what are man's options?
me: well...
there's hot dogs
ummmmmm cake?

Paul: haha
me: chickens!
more mexi-fun

Paul: no. your right
sauce and eggplantios

me: ok
i will start the sauce then

Paul: that will be good
me: the big sauce

Paul: stephanie ourlastname in. "The Big Sauce"
ok i will start the getting ready to go home procedure

me: uh-oh
that means i have to begin the showering procedure
Paul: prep the hot soap!
shower and sauce....
they're cops
one's clean and by the book
the other knows sometimes things get a little messy

me: oh honey
you should probably leave work before someone talks to you

Paul: oh hush


Paul said...

I feel this out of context discussion does not accurately reflect the volume of my humor.

I'm funny.

Kim said...

Oh man, I remember when I first found out you could *lift up* the stove top. Revelations! Disgusting revelations!

Stephanie said...

Darling, it was all typed. You have no volume until someone reads it out loud.

Kristy said...

I'm so glad to see you back among the blog living.

Sounds like a fascinating evening at your house. ;)