Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stuff in the yard. And bullets. Not related.

It's time for a bullet post!

  • Our digital cable is messed up. Apparently this feature is called "tiling" where the screen either pauses, like if I had pushed pause on the DVR except we don't have DVR, or gets all crazy wild pixelated, like the edges of the laundry colors in my previous post. The last cable guy to come "fix" it moved back the plugs we moved to bypass the box and pronounced it fixed. Wrong, my friend.

  • I had these two roommates once who wore the same (very different from my) size and exchanged clothes often. Their Unified Theory of Laundry was "laundry that stayed in the pile long enough, through a process like metamorphosis, becomes clean once more". Although this theory may work for some people, unfortunately it does not fly here in Casa de Cat Hair. The cats sleep on the laundry. In fact, they sleep just about everywhere and leave proof, but that is beside the point. The point is, the laundry must die.

  • Also, for anyone who is not in the know, you can indeed send a shower curtain for a whirl in the washing machine. It comes out clean as a whistle. I do not suggest the dryer.

  • We are trying to train the cat not to claw at the window screens outside. So far, no luck.

  • Last night we went to Paul's grandparent's house for dinner to celebrate my birthday, and we got a botanical tour of the yard and the neighbor's (pop's brother's house). Two elderly Italian couples living next door to each other and more Stuff** than you can imagine. No, really. Imagine more. Fountains and tables and chairs and all manner of plastic objects and ...

  • Add a little more...

  • You're getting there...

  • Their neighbors, also Paul's relatives, have an artificial christmas tree - WITH LIGHTS, the big bulby kind that aren't sold for indoor use - tied in the front corner of the side yard fence. You know, right up by the street. Why? Because there is a robin's nest in it. I do not know exactly how this order of events transpired, because how would the nest get in the tree, but then well you can't move the tree away, but but but....

  • Suddenly my neighbors with three different colored gazing balls in the back yard don't seem quite so weird. And the Mary statue is gone from the house we looked at down the street. So far, I haven't seen any half-buried bathtubs with Mary inside in my neighborhood. But I have seen it.

  • I should really just never leave home without my camera. I'll just say I'm a photography student.

** Not to say that there's anything wrong with having stuff in your yard, as long as that's what you like. Your home is your castle, or whatever. So long as your stuff doesn't seep out and overly bother the neighbors or make noise. But that doesn't mean I can't be amused.

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