Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Have I mentioned my family is coming to town this weekend?

Because they are.

We shall overcome.


Kim said...

This picture totally brightened my day.

Why is it that laundry never goes away? Every day we have *at least* one load of laundry to do, usually two.

Stephieface said...


See... the law of laundry is thus:
Unless you are a nudist you will always have laundry to do.

Its true

Rhett said...

That is too funny! How long is the fam visiting? This is their first trip huh? Cool beans!

I had a party last night (post to come) and have mega clean up when I get home this afternoon. And laundry... but the clean-up... I mean... Last night I did as well as one could under the circumstances and got most things back to the fridge that should have made it back there, the dishes are in a sink of water and there is lime juice, mint, lemons and more alcohol than at a college frat party still out. Gotta clean before the husband comes home :) tee hee!

SJ said...

Love the picture!

Barbara said...

You're quite the artist! My deepest sympathies! Really. My mother has been threatening me with a visit...