Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I hope this doesn't make me a Yankee.

Allow me to preface this by saying that I am not much of a sports fan. I confuse some team names and what city they belong to and the sport they play. I definitely don't know all the rules of football, baseball, basketball, or whatever. But there are some things I've picked up, one of which is that to stay out of the completely unfriendly-competition-slash-pissing-contest rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees, I have declared myself a Mets fan. Because, well, why not. Paul grew up a Yankees fan and says I'm allowed to stay in the house this way, and our Red Sox fan friends don't actually yell at me.

So last week, a friend of ours offered us two free tickets to the Yankees/Royals game this past Sunday. Okay, not just tickets. GOOD tickets. Right behind home plate. In Row F. And, hello, free! These are season tickets that go for over $100 each. So of course we went!

the view from our seats

The players were so close they could actually hear us and see us (unlike fruitless yelling at the tv). Not that I did much yelling at players, because I don't want to be rude. And I'm getting quieter in my old age. But if I wanted to, I could.

looking around yankee stadium

Derek Jeter

jeter hits

jeter runs to first

Our ticket-enriched friend Chris and our other friend Amanda:

chris and amanda

The stars of this blog, Paul and Stephanie (no yarn was taken to this baseball game):

paul and stephanie

All in all we had a great time.

yankee stadium, from space

Even though now I look like this:

Yup. I'm rockin' a sunburn. Again. No, no I do not learn. I can't wait to see which body part writes me a note about it this time.


Rhett said...

three little letters... SPF
two numbers....45

people like you and i can still tan through that. how cool the pictures, and what an experience to be that close! what fun!!!!! sunburn and all :)

QoE said...

You can make a tea bath. Warm water and tea bags in the tub until it looks like tea and soak the burned parts of your body in it. Actually soak ALL of your body in it and the burn won't hurt as much.
And I agree with Rhett ;-)

SJ said...

Good seats and good pics. Sorry to hear about the sunburn... and the fact that the Yankees won.

I know, I know. I'm done.

Judy said...

No. Yarn. See, that's your problem! If you'd had yarn you could have used it for an umbrella or something! ;-)

I've heard that vinegar works really well on sunburn, too, although you feel like a pickle.

Paul said...

My what an incredible reach you have!