Thursday, June 01, 2006

Extra Bullets

I forgot to mention a few important things:

Yesterday I got out of the shower and went to the living room in only a towel. I had a very important agenda - turn down the TV lest the neighbors hear "Bad Boys Bad Boys" through the open window and think that I watch COPS. Somehow, this made sense. No one was obviously watching me at the time, so I figure I'm ok, although the across the street neighbors have one of those garage door sized screens that makes them all incognito sitting in their garage like it's a porch.

Yes, my family is coming to visit. Parents and sister. Now, since this blog runs wild on the internets and googling my first and last name will indeed bring you here eventually, I shall be careful. My mom is going to a conference in NYC this week, and my dad and sister are flying there today to join her. On Sunday, they are coming to our house to see our new digs for the first time. On Tuesday, they leave to go back to the city and catch their planes home. This means that they will, in fact, spend more time sightseeing together in the city than they will be here to see us, which was the alledged apparent purpose of this trip.


Rhett said...

interesting.... the trip agenda. also interesting is the yard art from your earlier post... i don't get the colored spheres... they were all over when we toured around cleveland last weekend... i mean, why?

also, the roomie's mentioned were not from our cc dwelling... b/c you know we didn't share clothes. :) hahaha and she wouldn't let us leave stuff out long enough for the osmosis to take place ;)

Stephanie said...

Oh lord no, those were roommates from high school and again sophomore year (the pile got smaller).

And Rhett. The gazing balls are for looking into the future, of course.

Rhett said...

oh, thanks... b/c i just thought they were "orbs that should be present" or something like that... predicting the future though... i can understand that! thanks!

Stephieface said...

I thought gazing balls were to give bugs an unrealistic sense of hope when they see themselves all huge and stretched in it.

Stephieface said...

Totally wrong on my part:

They are used to give witches and unrealistic sense of hope when they see themselves all huge and stratched out in it.

Stephanie said...


Paul: Well then why don't we have one yet? Maybe it will keep your mother out!

Rhett said...

lol! hahahahaha!

go paul! :)