Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Housewife with Links

So here, as promised, is the first installment of A Housewife with Links. Featured links are in italics.

Fiber Fun

Is your name Stephanie? Do you knit? Are you, at least, friends with a Stephanie who Knits? Then the Knitting Stephanies webring is the place for you (join).

Check out all the bragging over at the Dye-o-Rama Swap. I'm not part of it, and I'm not sure I would inflict my dyeing skills on others yet, but oh! The pretty pictures!

Cara over at January One has finished knitting squares for her log-cabin-type blanket.
--Commenters suggested that she take a better look at her last picture.
----Ann, who is apparently Cara's friend, posted a thought for Cara.
------Cara replies here.

This is why the knitting should maybe stay out of the nature.

If you're sitting there scratching your head and wondering what's with all this log cabin stuff, it's these two - Ann and Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting. They started it. Then they wrote a book about it, which probably made it get worse and require antibiotics. And now there's a book knit-a-long, complete with a whole bunch of inspiring pictures. Also, I blame Ann and Kay for bringing back the adjective "mighty." And for dishclothes. I guess there are worse things to be blamed for.

Fiber-type Fun

Flat Scout - Scout (who knits, and thusly is a fiber-type) has flattened herself for mailing purposes and will be travelling the world. If you want to participate, sign up by 5pm today ScoutTime.

Just Plain Fun

Have you ever seen Thomas Kinkade paintings? Maybe you saw them in the mall, in that little gallery with all the light switches. The paintings are kind of neat in that adjusting the light makes the light in the painting appear to change; the paintings are kind of lame in that they are pretty expensive for pre-fabs that someone dabs paint on. Well some photoshop-happy folks have taken the paintings into their own hands. Put on your sense of humor hat and take a look at Something Awful (may be blocked by work). (Thank you to Leslea).


Happy Morning
From the fine folks at Folgers - enough sunny happiness to cause chronic retching. Turn on the sound, and make sure you've already had your coffee for the day.

Chemical Reactions (this one's for the boys)
This video will show you the general idea; this video elevates it to an artform. This is not your grandmother's pop rocks and soda.

A Matter of Opinion

When I visit a page with a lot of links - ahem - I like to open the links in new windows. My short-term memory is crap, and I do this because otherwise I will forget where I was and I may never see any more of the links.

I started searching for the html-ese for "open in a new window" and - WOW - the sites that come up make it sound like making links that automatically open in a new window is worse than drowning kittens.

I love kittens.

So in the interest of preserving kittens, please take my poll.

It's in the big blue box over there (and up) ------------------------------------------>>>>>>>>

It's set up so you can vote multiple times in case you change your mind. Vote every time you come through.

Do you have a great link? Email me at housewifewithyarn AT gmail DOT com.


SJ said...

Wow. I will have to check out all this links tonight when I get home. That's what I like about reading blogs-just checking out new stuff. Thanks! :)

Judy said...

Great links, thanks! And yes, please open them in new windows for those of us with bad memories. (I like kittens, too, for the record!)

Rhett said...

love the links! thank you :) i voted... other windows are great...

i am going to work on my postings to be more linkfilled and picture happy. :) thanks for the inspiration!