Monday, June 19, 2006


Today I made the bed!

Okay, no really, I'm doing a little blogkeeping. Those of you checking RSS feeds (via Bloglines or whathaveyou) please disregard the little mess I'm making, as well as that little jump in your stomach every time you see that I have updated and then you click but then you're crushed because that entry is a month old.

Maybe that's just me.

Anyway, let the blogkeeping commence.


Well apparently that was it. Sorry to alarm anyone! I'm still messing with the bar but I shouldn't have to change any more posts.

Here, I will try to make up for it. It's bullet time!!

If you are in a hurry, skip to the bottom.

  • Today was the first time I've ever parked in a garage. Ever. It took the Weather coming by to convince me that hail on my precious car would make me cry more than moving cardboard around in the garage. Thusly was the garage cleaned. And even though I had to crawl in and out through the passenger door, it was worth it.
  • Last week while Paul mowed the grass one of the little belt thingys kept slipping off. Since this was beyond our "I-think-I-own-a-screwdriver" Handypeople status, we must use the push mower until we get the riding mower fixed. The grass doesn't look too bad, but today as the weather approached I noticed that it sways like fields of grain in the wind.
  • Last Thursday night, we finally decided to buy a grill. We found the one we wanted and it was on sale until Friday and came with a free tank. And we decided to get it. And Paul kept talking about it, because he was that excited. And while he was talking, I discovered that our oven was not working. So much for the grill.
  • Someone is coming to fix the oven between 10 and 11 tomorrow. I must not wear pajamas.
  • We submitted to the borg and got out our window A/C unit and turned it on. Oh, air conditioning. How I have missed thee, now that I remember what thee was like.
  • I am dangerously close to finishing the #1 jaywalker sock. After a long affair, I am back to my jaywalkin' love(r). Insert country song here.

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Judy said...

YOu went until June 20 without A/C?? Wow. Ours has been on in SC since April, I think (although that was partly because of pollen and the keeping-out-thereof). Sorry to hear about the oven/grill thing; you can't EVER let one applicance know you are buying a new one until it's a done deal. As you see, they will break and make it impossible. Nasty sneaky things, appliances.