Friday, June 23, 2006

I wonder what kind of hits I'll get if I call this what it is. Yarn Porn.

After taking pictures of my reborn sweater yarn, I rewrapped it and I think I love it even more!

green purple twist

About 90 yards of ooohsopretty.

Some of you, back in the dusty corners of your mind, might remember that this whole sweater debacle started because I suddenly caught a disease, and the only cure is more cowbell lime green hederas (read here).

After my family left, I stopped by the LYS for some retail therapy. I caved.


It's Opal UNI, color #1266. It's not a perfect lime, but it will do the job. One day, I shall have my hedaras.

I also got this:


It's Skacel Merino laceweight, dyed aftermarket by someonenotme, intended for an Icarus shawl (IK site about halfway down; knitalong site). The little ball in the corner of the picture is from the failed ball winding attempt which gives an idea of how the colors mix (click for big of course).

In the middle of trying to wind this yarn, the shop owner turned to me and said (rather rudely in tone), "You haven't done this before, have you!" Ha! No. I'm sorry, did you want my disposable income? Because if not I can take it elsewhere. For now, I will just take my pretty yarn and go. After your impatient attempts at winding broke it twice. Yeah. Thanks.

At some prior visit to this shop, I bought four skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed, color 004 grey, about which there is little information on the Internets. There's plenty of info for buying it, but not much about how it feels or knits up or what happens when you wash it. So I swatched and washed, and I think that for the wrap I have in mind I like it on size 8 needles. I didn't notice any difference in the size of the swatch (I even measured) or poofy/fluffiness of the yarn.


What? You don't see it?
(doesn't everyone have a pile of yarn on the kitchen table?)



Yes. That is exactly what it looks like.


Oh, there's my swatch. I was wondering where I put it.

It was an accident, I promise, but I had to eat the delicious cherry italian ice before I could free my swatch. I guess it could have been worse.

So, if you don't mind, my disembodied hand and I must get going. We need a shower and a bit of laundry therapy before going to camp for the weekend tomorrow (actually, with the friends from the Yankee's game for those of you who need visual connections). I am charging two batteries and taking extra-special precautions to make sure I can bring my camera this time!!

Of course, this means that I am going into Nature. Help.


QoE said...

Boy, I almost thought you must be my neighbor. Or your impatient shop owner has an evil twin sister that lives in my LYS. I wish you were my neighbor, because I would love to help you wind that beautiful yarn.

Rhett said...

boy, the porn word got me! that's the only reason I looked :) hahaha!

so, did you get interesting hits? i forgot the freakin name of my website where i check that and now i havent been to it in weeks... i am an idiot!

ha! have a good weekend, i am anniversarying iwth a laptop while kevin types on his! good grief... we've certanily been married a year havent we :)

Stephieface said...

That is some lovely yarn! I wonder how many people WILL come just for that. What is the addy to track that btw?