Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yesterday's Post Was Eaten by Camp

But then, I found it. It lurked under "Edit posts" under the posting tab. Oh, yesterday's post, I loved you so!

Anyway... enough of that.

My sunburn is improving. This morning I made bread (at 8! in the A.M.!) and it's doing the first rising thing while I run errands, take a shower, get dressed, pack up some stuff, redistribute my priorities and blog about doing stuff instead.... ok well anyway it's rising, and then I'm going with Paul's grandparents to camp.

Or is it Camp?

What is camp, anyway?

Is it:

a) a campsite?

b) summer camp? you know, with the boys on one side of the lake and the girls on the other?

c) military camp? (bad children variety, oh I can't count how many times I heard that threat)

d) military camp? (of the military base variety)

e) a cottage used as a summer residence?

f) a camp for people who all work at the same place, like a logging or mining camp

Did you know that if you say "camp" enough times it starts to sound funny? Camp camp camp.

Tune in tomorrow for the astonishing conclusion to this ongoing saga. I hope with pictures.

1 comment:

Rhett said...

camp, camp, camp. my word that i like to say until it is meaningless is box. i thougt of it while packing to move and i was like, box, box, box, box lid, box top, box... who came up with that word?

i am glad to hear that you have "finished" your degree... I am proud of the MRS degree.. the Masters is overrated. I am also jealous that you are getting to spend time with your grandmother in law... those days are such fun!!

Thank you for the postings... I was missing you!