Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mao

No, not a typo. Behold!


Today is Mao's birthday. Well, she was 2 months old when she picked Paul as her family, and that was on the 4th of July, so we decided that her birthday would be the 5th of May, Cinco de Mayo. Except it's far too easy to adjust that to Cinco de Mao!

Then we got Maddie, who was also born around the same time, so today is the official Cat Birthday.

Mao is 4 and Maddie is 2.


So. It's not even 11am, and our little holiday has now, in the course of 30 minutes, blown up into a quesadilla dinner party for 7 including Paul's dad & family. Some of whom have not seen our house with the second half of the furniture, and none of whom have been here since February.

That means they'll want to see the house. The whole house. Even the bedroom that has been eaten by the laundry basket. Even the other bedroom that is populated entirely by boxes.

That means I have to cook, and clean, to "impress the relatives" standard by 7pm, and I haven't even taken a shower yet!


kim said...

Can you hide stuff in the garage? ;)

I love the kitten crock pot picture. So cute!

Rhett said...

cinco de "Mao" power to you! You are the woman, you can pull off a party for 20, house cleaning and cat birthday celebration in 8 hrs... I have complete faith!

Michelle said...

What a cute kitty.
Good luck with the dinner! I hate it when it spirals that fast. I'm sure it'll go great.

SJ said...

Happy Birthday Kitties!