Monday, May 01, 2006

Life, the Universe, and Everything

The weather has been drop-dead-gorgeous for a few days now, which has led to playing outside, weeding, lawn maintanence, pitiful attempts at tree/bush/green thing identification, and a sunburn on my scalp. Ow.

Adventures in gardening to come. Knitting has been on lace, which is tolerable in the heat despite the fact that it's 100% since it's so freaking holey (not holy!). Paul has been in town, we've seen a lot of our friends lately, and I'm having a great time taking Paul's grandmother out three days a week so she can get out of the house and keep moving. I hear all sorts of great stories - she rambles (can you inherit that from an in-law?) and she went from wanting to watch a special on Queen Victoria to how her grandmother and her grandmother's sister were put on a boat to America from Scotland without parents or any direction for a better life, and that's how they came to this country. I love the stories! I didn't know much of my extended family at all, much less well, and it's nice to be connected with someone's past anyway.

Regarding the angst, I have made the official executive decision that Life (not the cereal) does not intend me to actually obtain a master's degree. I have learned all I went to learn. And I got an Mrs. degree instead. So, screw grad school, I'm living life. Oh, and my advisor has been 200% incommunicado so clearly it's a sign. I was going to say 100%, but I hit the 2 and somehow it seemed appropriate. So there! Screw it! Ha! I WIN.

Now. Back to my knitting.

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