Monday, May 08, 2006

The Evil Eye

So, since having a scalp that is peelingforgoodnesssake isn't enough, I have maybe reached the pennacle of pathetic. Last week we bought some steaks, and because I am dumb I neglected to freeze the leftover NY strip. I thought, well, I'll eat it today. Since we are without a grill, I usually broil steaks. So I turned on the broiler, and about 5 minutes later I realized that the pizza stone is in the oven. The pizza stone that is covered in cornmeal from last night's calzones. The pizza stone where the first line of directions is DO NOT USE SOAP and the second line is DO NOT USE UNDER BROILER.

Luckily I caught it while the cornmeal was just smouldering and not yet officially "on fire." Our smoke alarm decided to alert me also, in case I hadn't noticed, so there was fanning and swatting and maybe a few choice words and some window opening.

Okay, crisis averted. So I turn the broiler back on and get out my steak... and immediately discover what that funny smell in the fridge was exactly.


Okay, fine. I'll just eat the leftover mashed potatoes I have stashed from this weekend. And maybe some corn I have leftover in the fridge.

The mashed potatoes were.... tangy. Like strawberry lemonaide is tangy. My good lord, the milk in the potatoes has turned.

So, I ate the damn corn. It's the only thing left. Perhaps later I'll just grab a carton of ice cream and a spoon, assuming of course that the ice cream hasn't melted and all the spoons aren't dirty.

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Kim said...

Ewwwwwww omgtangy! My boyfriend had some deli meats in the fridge. Did you know that those turn tangy after a while too? Yeah, we found out the hard way.