Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lack of Subst(in)ance

I want you all to know that I most certainly did not take off at 8pm for the AC Moore to buy yarn. No, no I did not. Okay I did but it was a sale and it was ending today and I needed it. For research. For.... science. And once I complete the science, I will show you all the science in a shameless photo series entitled, "Why I am now maybe permanently green or is that purple."

Well I bet you're interested now.

Also, I just want to say, my two grocery stores within like two seconds of my house are 24 hour groceries (neither store is a Walmart) and at 10pm tonight I was that girl, in a skirt, looking like she had somewhere to go but perhaps was also just leaving work and lonely, shopping the cat food aisle. At least in this state they don't sell wine in the grocery store so I was not the complete picture of patheticness. Wine and cat food, and maybe one of those rotisserie chickens they mark down after 8. Actually that sounds pretty good. I mean, I wouldn't eat the cat food. Of course. Then again, tonight the cats had lamb and rice in gravy...

Speaking of cat food,

Dinner Dinner Bo Binner Banana Fanna Fo Finner Me Mi Mo Minner.... Dinner!
(shut up shut up shut up!!)

So today I turned yesterday's self into a bit of a liar. Today it isn't what I ate that was noteworthy; it was what I didn't eat.

Breakfast - coffee

************** long expanse of nothingness******************

Dinner - Paul's grandparents had me over for dinner - New England boiled dinner. No, really. It was ham, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, boiled in 2 pots (because no one pot was large enough) and carefully separated later into serving dishes to be recombined on plates.

Post - dinner - coffee right after dinner (about 6, hahahahaha I love you old people!) and at about 10:30 a hot fudge brownie "Warm Delight". Sounds kind of dirty, yes. It's on the cake mix aisle and dammit it looked good on the box. Don't judge me. I needed it.

I have to go to bed now. I'm taking my knitting with me.

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Ragnar said...

Yup, you totally got me with that yarn for science thing...and purple is the new green anyway.

Always looking for new excuses to buy yarn.