Thursday, April 13, 2006


OKAY, any computer geniuses lurking out there, it's time to speak up. Because I love my desktop and laptop, and my desktop did an automatic windows update yesterday, and absolutely inexplicably my Address bar at the top of the screen in IE no longer works. I can type in it, but the window crashes. I can only get around by typing addresses into the google search box or clicking on links on whatever page I've managed to hobble over towards. Which, by the way, has made me declare my undying love for bloglines.

I understand that the gods of windows turned off the block on downloading service pack 2 yesterday, but it was already installed on this computer.

I don't like Firefox. So please, don't go there.

Any thoughts?

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Sandy said...

heh you can restore to a previous time in windows. It will make the update go away....and hopefully make everything happy again