Monday, April 10, 2006

Duck, Duck, Knews

Knit Knews

There's a new Knitty up today. Last week I was getting REALLY antsy about the new Knitty and after finally getting it 10 days into the month I am a little disappointed. I guess after the big issue last winter I am harder to please. I usually devour the patterns and slowly muddle through the articles, so maybe I'll feel better later. So far, I'm intrigued by Nautie and Convertible, and I like Reid. But I don't want to make any of them! :-p

In yarn related news, I have been bidding and bidding on this sock yarn on eBay. I really want one skein, just one skein, but I don't want to bid more than $9.50 and people keep outbidding me at the last minute. Or sometimes hours before. Today I was outbid 3 days early. Attention, allyoupeopleoutbiddingme - I just want one skein. Please. Let this girl have some yarn already. Because although I didn't flash my stash, I think it's obvious to anyone who has actually seen my house or peeked in my travelling knitting bag that I might have enough yarn already. But, I don't.

Not-so-Knit Knews

1. Aforementioned project - not going so hot. Which I think I am okay with. I think the ship sailed. If the ship would ever write me back, I would know for sure. Damn ship. I mean, lots of people never finish their master's degrees, right? I had a last-ditch idea today so we'll see how that pans out.

2. I've seen several mentions of Skaneateles lately. Now, don't laugh. I don't remember where, exactly, I've read about it, but it is safe to assume that it was on somebody's knitblog. Then today the other Stephanie (I say this as if I'm even in her league) mentioned that she was in Skaneateles recently. Which is funny. I have been reading Skaneateles as "Skaneedles" and thought it was a yarn shop. No, I cannot explain my brain or what may or may not be wrong with it.

Skaneateles is, in actuality, a town in New York on the edge of Skaneateles Lake, also of New York. The lake is shaped like a finger, so I guess it's in the Finger Lakes area. Clearly I've had too much Finger Lakes wine.

The Best of Times, the Worst of Dinners

Now listen... well, read carefully. If you are a crazed psycho killer who has managed to track me down and you know where I live and you are perhaps watching my house this very moment, I want you to know that I can and will kick your ass*, and I'm making up everything, absolutely everything. I don't even knit. I hired a stuntknitter because I wanted to be cool**. Yes, believe it. Okay. That being said....

Paul is going to be out of town for a little while here and there, in fact even he isn't sure when exactly, and thus today we embarked upon the Time of Curious Eating Habits. I don't want to read other people's food diaries, and I assure you this will not become one beyond the funny things that seem like a good idea to eat at the time. I take a multivitamin, and I eat fairly normal things for meals not detailed here.

2 cold steamed Chinese dumplings from Saturday
two "grabs" of Italian bread - one with butter, one with peanut butter
glass of wine (Cavit Pinot Grigio)

* True. I am fiesty.
** A complete and total lie. Come on, you knew that.


Michelle said...

I always eat wierd when DH is out of town. A bag of popcorn for lunch and a whole box of mac and cheese for dinner.

Kristy said...

I think that is pretty much status quo - I eat weird when my HP is out of town, too.

What kind of sock yarn are you trying so hard to buy on ebay?

Kristy said...

P.S. I felt kind of the same way about the new Knitty. Interesting stuff but nothing I felt an immediate burning desire to knit. And usually there is a least one that I want to immediately race out and purchase the yarn for.