Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Branches, saved

You guys.

The lifeline is the best idea ever. I just came up one stitch short, probably due to watching King of the Hill and chatting and emailing while knitting lace (hello! priorities!). I must have missed a yarn over or something. Phew!!! I have about 8in (20cm) of scarf so far so ripping might have made me cry. Pictures tomorrow.

So Paul brought me red and yellow tulips, Grey's Anatomy season 1 on dvd, and some hand salve. I don't think I've mentioned how moisture is sucked from my skin here in the Cold Place - I don't know if it's all the unnatural indoor heat, paint, or all the handwashing that goes with moving, but my fingertips actually peeled. That is a weird sensation, you guys. It really makes me not want to knit, and I think my husband wants a hat next (Johnny's hat is done!).

So I made glorious tomato sauce yesterday and got started later than I intended. It was about 4 o'clock when I realized, with hamburger and sausage sizzling in the skillet and a pork chop searing in my stock pot (I don't mess around) - I don't have a can opener or sugar, both of which are sorta necessary for sauce making to occur. AAAAAAAHHHH. Luckily Paul stopped and got both on the way home, saving the day. At least saving dinner. If the unpacking trend continues, I should find 3 can openers and sugar in a box later today. Carefully wrapped. (We tossed the sugar that rode here without the benefit of a lid). Another thing that would be really cool to find soon would be real silverware - we ate pasta and sauce with plastic courtesy of Wendy's (love you, Wendy's).

Olympic curling is supposed to be on, but all I get is the *%^&^ dog show. Clearly it's time to do laundry.... or .... anything....

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Judy said...

Oh yeah, we who knit lace love the lifeline!!

As far as the peeling fingertips go, it's all the above, plus the paper and cardboard you are handling all the time because of moving. When I was a cataloger in a library (pre-online catalog days), my fingers would peel from the moisture being sucked out of them by filing catalog cards. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!