Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Knitting Olympics

When I read about the Knitting Olympics, I thought it was a great idea. Then suddenly there were more knitters than there are Olympic atheletes in the "real" Olympics (does that make knitting the real Olympics?) and you had to sign up. And then before I even knew there WAS a deadline, I had missed it. Some business about closing on a house and not having internet? I dunno.

So anyway, I have 70-something boxes left to unpack and a litter box to clean and laundry to do, but at least I found my plates. I'm going to be an Emily Hughes-esque competitor at these games - I wasn't on the list to begin with, but I'm fully qualified and I'm here now, dang it. So in the spirit of Casalinga Con Filo I've snagged a button from Italy:

I hereby declare my Olympic Knitting to be as follows:

  1. To finish the hat for Johnny, for Johnny will soon need a hat, and
  2. To make Knitty's Branching Out in Patons Grace, color sky.

I hope that my knitting is super-awesome, and that I win a heavy metal (did anybody else watch the women snowboarders on Today this morning?? hahaha).

1 comment:

Rhett said...

I LOVE it! Eating should ALWAYS come first.

My grandmother is making the NEATEST thing with her yarn right now, I am in spired, only there is my olympic entry standing in my way, and I can't stop working on it... so it will be my next project. I will write details about it at a later time, but it is so cool!

Glad you joined team USA Southern Girls at Heart in the Knitting Olympics! You have two great projects!

Must go find coffee... later :)