Sunday, January 22, 2006


Gee golly whiz, I didn't mean to abandon the place for so long! Sorry you guys! Don't mind the dust!

Paul and I are settled in here in Cold Place, I mean, as settled in as you can get with pretty much nothing of your own here. Our stuff is being packed this Thursday and moved this Friday by a giant moving company and I'm flying back to good old SC to watch it all happen. Our mortgage was approved exactly 2.5 hours after I hand-delivered our completed application, so that wasn't much to worry about, apparently. The closing is Monday, and the stuff will arrive within a week or so. And somewhere around that time is when it will finally sink in that this isn't vacation or visiting time, this is where I'm going to live now and I can't get Mello Yello or barbeque the noun.

Along the same vein, I was asked on Friday to "please explain chicken-fried steak".

In knitting news, I'm finally near a Joann's so I can go buy some of their store brand yarns anytime, which are surprisingly yummy!! The knitting store just up the street is okay. Usually knitting is one of those things that bridges the generation gap, but the owner was just off-putting and has been on other occasions. I can't find a knitting group so I'm going to have to make my own. Which would require getting out there and possibly talking to strangers. This can happen post move. Although Sarah has asked me to help her remember how to crochet, so there is potential there. Sarah also has a blog, but I don't think she knows I know about it even though I've commented a few times. And it's pretty personal. So I'll wait on linkage.

Time for pictures.

This is how we make Mommy's heart stop. Here, allow me to explain. Paul's mother collects Classic Winnie the Pooh stuff. Not one bit of it is inexpensive. My cat Maddie is lounging on top of a display case. Heart. Stop.

Thank goodness this is what they do most of the time.

We were not incredibly happy about the 14 hour car ride here, though.


Kim said...

Yay, all settled!

Dude, Joann's has such nice store brand yarn now. The Dolcetto stuff? Heaven. *So* soft.

I'm sure you will find other knitters. And we're all good people, except maybe that yarn shop owner. I don't know what her problem is.

and hey, at least you'll have something in common right off the bat.

Judy said...

Glad to hear from you! Even if it is from A Cold Place. You'll make friends soon.

By the way, if I mail the yarn I promised you to your old address, will it get forwarded?

Rhett said...

oh thank you for posting! :) you got my message. i am so glad to see you didn't forget about your poor blog that i check twice daily to see if it were updated :)

i am glad you also remembered mine :) haha. call me when you are back down this week. we will go eat! :)