Monday, January 23, 2006

It fell from the sky

Yesterday Paul and I went out to the car to go to the market (that's yankee for "grocery") and found this:

Yeah, that is BIRD CRAP all over my car.

I blotted out my license plate number, but the rest is au naturale.

So after the trip to the market, I started making macaroni and cheese and a pot of chili because Crazy Aunt Purl made me, and Paul went to wash my car since it was warm enough yesterday. Yeah, you have to PLAN when to wash your car up here. So weird.

Then this happened.

This is the house across the street from the in-laws from the porch here. I ain't goin' nowhere.

Look!!!! Falling snow!!!


Judy said...

Hoo boy, those are some poopy birds! So you got the car clean and then it snowed on it? Wonderful...then the snow plows come and throw salt on the clean car. Pretty snow, though!!

Rhett said...

oh my! what a change! are you getting any more snow today? it is cold and foggy this morning, but will be nice later today... then COLD, but that's okay, the heat repair people should be fixing my heat early this afternoon.... hopefully warm house tonight!

Kim said...

Ahaha, wth are the birds eating? Smaller birds?