Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Moving ... kinda sucks. Even though we are "being moved" in a way. Our move will cost us one round-trip air ticket, 3 days of rental car, and about $78 plus tips. That includes packing, except of course the things that I can't or won't let movers pack. Like batteries, liquor (me?? no!), and my great-grandmother's china. And even though yes, I live in the LAST state to do freepour liquor (minibottles anyone?) and nearly dead last ranked in education and ranked FIRST in WIFE BEATING... it's bittersweet. I've never lived anywhere else. And let's face it - the worst of the worst for the most part in my part of the world - got that? - is overall really not that bad. Really. We do have indoor plumbing.

But we're moving. To the North. Yankees. Snow. Strange grocery store chains which eerily have the same u-scan checkout as the grocery here, except it doesn't say, "Thank you for shopping at Bi-lo." Same woman's creepy voice, new store. I won't pretend that I'm not really, really excited about getting out there and living somewhere new - because, Paul, I really am - but there's something to be said about the familiarity of the place where you grew up, even if you haven't been back in years. And of course, we'll be back to visit. Maybe retire. But that's a long way off, and we have a lot of in-between years to enjoy the snow, mountains, and living in a much more populated area. Not to mention all the quality time with people who share my new last name, and may provide free babysitting in the future. FUTURE people, this is not a hint!

Don't worry Rhett - I promise to take lots of pictures.


Rhett said...

sniff, sniff. I hope you had a good evening last night after you all got home. I hope you finished the bottle of wine and slept well before your drive today. Who drew the short straw and had to drive Mao?

I will miss you! You BETTER call me when you are coming back down so we can meet up. I will help you pack your liquor and china! :) Or drink your liquor and pack your china... whichever!

Judy said...

On the plus side, maybe there are more yarn shops up there in Yankee-land, too! We'll miss you down here in the South, but you'll be back.

Kristy said...

I hope the move is going well. I am in some sort of no-man's land. Who would have thought that the start of this year would find me not only too tired to knit but also too tired to read blogs!

You'll always miss the South (I do) but you will love the move, too. It is the adventure. Have a safe trip!!!

Rhett said...

post something.... please! :)