Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Road Thoughts

Today I embarked on my 14 hour, 20 minute trip from current home to future home.

With two cats.

I stopped after 10 hours. Yeah, I gave up. But there is only so much a girl can take! And the place I stopped? Paid for with frequent-stayer points. Right off of interstate (the better to get out of town with, my dear). Also, 13 degrees. You know you're jealous. Me? Surprised. Cats? Come with fur coats. My question is.... how will I ever get them back into the carriers for the last leg of the drive tomorrow? I betrayed them this morning. There were treats, and then there were cages. I finally gave up, gassed up about 2 hours out of town and then let Maddie out of the cage. She then proceeded to sleep on my lap for the next 500 miles. No kidding. 3 states.

Sometime this morning while packing the car, it occurred to me that if the neighbors were having a look at me, which is not horribly unlikely, it probably looked like I was leaving my husband. Note to Paul - I'm not. :) But I did take the silver, china, and the cats. Love you!

We also found out that we are pre-approved for a mortgage. Since I only applied last night... yay.

Paul had minor work drama in which he played no part today, so that was interesting. I think he spent the whole day on the phone. Which makes two days in a row, because yesterday he got two calls that started like this:


"Hi Paul, this is Mr. Man. What's up? Other than you quitting?"

So, I'm a housewife. This should be clear by now. I don't get out much, and spend some time keeping up with blog people who I have never met and yet I get a glance into their everyday lives, all from the comfort of my living room. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that, after hauling one caged kitty in from the parking lot through the card access door up the stairs and into my hotel room only to turn around and return for the other cat, the thought running through my head was, "Crazy Aunt Purl could never travel with four cats." Not that I don't have faith, because I do, but good lord. Cold, heavy, angry cats!

Miracle of the day: Like I said, 13 degrees (at least it's 2 digits). I wanted to minimize my trips to the car, but bring in things that can't freeze. So I reached into my suitcase to grab clothes for tomorrow, and - having only unzipped a corner and thrust my hand in blind - I grabbed two matching socks.


Judy said...

Be sure to have your mail forwarded to the new place, because I haven't forgotten about your yarn!! I just have been busy with all the Christmas stuff, and now Katie with her broken wrist can't help me with anything either. Anyway, you WILL get your yarn...
Hope the trip is going well!

Kim said...

Oh good, I'm glad you are approved for a mortgage (I've been working in mortgage offices for about 3 years now).

And I had to laugh about your cats. That is too funny.

Rhett said...

Oh my gosh, how did you get Maddie to sleep in a moving car. Poor Rose would never do that. Not to mention, Rose would have chattering teeth at 13 degrees. She shivers at 70 and even gets under the down blanket with me now. A little kinky, but she is the best "bed buddy" I can ask for... when Kevin is out of town :)

I am glad you had a safe trip yesterday. Onward!! Let us know you make it there safely!

I already miss you!

Kristy said...

I'm so glad to hear the trip is going well. And while the sock miracle is quite a feat, the sleeping cat in a moving car is even more awe-inspiring.

Poor Paul. Those last few weeks at a job are always the toughest.

I'm so glad you are posting from the road! I was afraid we were going to have to wait forever to see how things were going on your road-trip-to-a-new-life.

Congratulations on the mortgage pre-approval. That is a big hurdle.

Rhett said...

Damn... ICE EVERYWHERE except on the roads and already EVERYTHING is closed. Do you know how miserable it will be when you move and NOTHING will close because they know how to handle things like this?

Oh well, hot chocolate for me this morning. Too bad no food in the house... Anyway... I will take pics of the WINTER BLAST OF 2005 for you when day light happens.

Leslea said...