Thursday, December 22, 2005

Crack in my food

I'm back in the lovely south where the high today was 57, and I just want to say that..... my car is filthy. I mean dirrrrrty. Mao the Cat alerted me to her displeasure upon my arrival, when I found that the automatic litter box was stuck in some uncomfortable position and clearly was possibly going to explode. Well maybe not explode. Anyway, she's out roaming the great wild wilderness while I'm inside assessing the place. My back is killing me.

But you aren't here to read about my back. You're here for the crack in my food.

Yesterday I stopped for some food at about 6pm, a quarter pounder with cheese meal at McDonald's. Now I don't visit the golden arches very often for reasons of 1) hi, please just glue those fries on my ass and 2) well wouldn't it just be healthier to make something at home. Anyway, I opted to go inside and then stood in the crowd of people loosely resembling a line for like freaking ever to get to my car and discover OLD fries. Ugh. But I ate them, and they were salty and goodness and got me another 250 miles or so. At which point I walk into my hotel room, read the sign for Domino's, and immediately desire pizza. Lots of pizza.

So this morning I'm talking to Rhett and confess of my McDonald's visit. She tells me of the days of yore when she and her brother would get what I had for dinner as a SNACK after school and then proceed to eat their dinners 3 hours later. Discussing this with Rhett made me want some good fries even more... so I did it again. This time the fries were perfect. I found myself thinking things like, maybe I needed more calories today to drive, and McDonald's can't be all bad since they have the Ronald McDonald house.

Which is why I've come to the conclusion that there was crack in my food. There is no other way to explain why I devoured old fries like I would die without them, and then had the same meal for lunch that I had for dinner the day before. Now I have the arduous task of figuring out what food in my refrigerator is still good, since the power was out for an undetermined amount of time last week, and throwing out most of it. The freezer, we've decided, is probably ok. But what should I have for dinner?

Burger King?


Yarn Abuse said...

I have suspected crack as a major ingredient in McDonald's food for a long time now. It could explain why I have been smoking my chicken McNuggets.

Kristy said...

McDonald's must have some sort of crack additive. You are right, once you go there, you just want to go again.

I don't know you well enough to know if an off color McDonald's analogy would be ok so I will refrain. But I did think of one.

Glad to hear you made it home safely. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Rhett said...

There is crack in it.. that's why we ate it for a snack... and I weighed only 110 then! and ate a 3000 calorie snack EACH DAY!!! Holy cow, what happened to my metabolism.