Monday, November 28, 2005

Older and wiser. Older, at least.

Enough knitting... how about some housewifery. Let me see:

  • Turkey Day went surprisingly well. In fact, the turkey was done an hour early and I managed to pull together dinner with no problems. Not too shabby.
  • I made stove-top (the cop-out, I know!) but stirred in sausage and celery I sauteed the day before. Highly recommend this.
  • My pumpkin pie off the can recipe was good. It, however, makes a deep-dish pie. Remember this.
  • Now I really want to make this chicken and dressing casserole.
  • Except with turkey.
  • There is a dead bird in the driveway. This is husband territory.
  • After recipe hunting today (for one I already have to begin with) I'm starving. Ack.
  • No news. Come on, news!!!!
  • Wait, I changed my mind. I want to make this savory chicken and broccoli bake.
  • Maybe I'd better go to the store.
  • Edit, 6:08pm - I changed my mind. I'm adding broccoli to the first one.


Kristy said...

How did that recipe turn out? It sounds yummy!!

I'm so glad to hear that your Thanksgiving went well! Hurray!!

Rhett said...

You're a nut!