Sunday, November 27, 2005


Due to the Thing of Which I Cannot Speak, Operation GROSs is in code extremo and chaos reigns. I've finished three knitting projects this week and I haven't started anything new, unless you count the thing I started and finished already. I'm not sure it should count. But it sure is festive.

And baby makes four.

So I'm getting around to the part where I stop starting to wonder about Christmas gifts and start really wondering about Christmas gifts. I'm a big fan of thwarting the man and sticking it to the system around Christmas. For example, why should I feel compelled to buy half of the GNP of China to make my loved ones feel loved? All I really want for Christmas is a spiral-sliced honey ham and some macaroni and cheese, heat in the house and a few days off of work for Paul. But I digress. The point is, we are going to keep Christmas very low key this year. Partially due to the fact that it's our first Christmas as married folks and we planned to stay home this year. Partially due to the Thing of Which I Cannot Speak. Partially due to the fact that Paul spent all his vacation on our wedding and honeymoon. Partially due to the fact that the Thing is expensive.

Which, somehow, leads me to Christmas knitting. I swear it does. I started my Christmas knitting like forever ago, but pretty much the only things I made were the Muppet Pelt and the Fuzzyfeet, and I had to give the M.P. for the recipient's birthday last Friday and the Fuzzyfeet are of questionable fit. Coronet hat consensus is that it is a girl hat, which limits the range of recipients. But I want to make sure that the recipient would like it. And I have no idea who to give it to. Arg!!

Then there's Fuzzyfeet#2, which I'm attempting because I brought FF#1 to a party and this guy was like... I'll give you $15 for some of those. Or $20. I want some. Who am I to refuse?? It's underselling a bit labor-wise but ... it's money. For knitting. Which, let's face it, I would be doing anyway. And the proceeds have already been invested in some new 10.5 dpns because I was sick of splinters and sanding the ones I had. Which by the way are 0.5 mm bigger than every other size 10.5 (7mm instead of 6.5). And the wool to make a pair is only $5. People, please.

So I guess I have no idea what I'm doing for Christmas knitting. I'm much faster at crochet so there is that.

I want to hide.


Rhett said...

as per our phone conversation eariler today... i wouldn't worry about Christmas knitting for anyone :) hahahaha. teach them. but punish you I guess since it is fun. My weekend of work has kept the needles out of my hands, so I am anxious to get this place put back together so I can knit again!
:) I love the dish cloth... is that the pattern you sent me? I want to make one!

Stephanie said...

yup, that's the one. you can totally do it!