Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It begins...

Not to tease, but something Important is happening soon that will likely very much infringe on my time for knitting and blogging. I can't say what it is yet, because it is super-double-secret, but there are three things that need to happen now now now:
  1. finish correcting my thesis
  2. continue the purge of unnecessary things from my house (Operation GROSs)
  3. finish writing thank you notes from the wedding

Operation GROSs is my brainchild and stands for (brace yourself for rudeness) - Get Rid Of Shit(s). I'm telling you, it's easier to do with a catchy slogan. (And as a girl raised in the south, I know that it's okay to say just about anything if you are over 18 and quoting someone or at least give fair warning.)

There isn't an easy way to measure my progress using Operation GROSs, which is unfortunate because I like rewards. Maybe I can count trashbags?


Rhett said...

Count bags or have a yard sale and count dollars! Either way, measure progress in operation GROSs. I LOVE that by the way! Can I use it? I need to take on the operation in our garage.
Good luck with the double secret probation project. I hope it goes as planned.

Judy said...

Rhett's idea is great -- have a yard sale! Of course, the weather is supposed to get chilly again this weekend. Mother Nature just isn't cooperating with us here in SC!!
I have the same operation to finish in my dining room before Thanksgiving. Goodwill is my main beneficiary, though...

Stephanie said...

The problem with a garage sale is that so much of this stuff is just trash that wasn't thrown away. Like junk mail. Or ... (used) christmas wrapping from last year. There is potential for a yard sale though, and that is in the works. :-p Paul and I have had a busy year and lots of little housekeeping things fell by the wayside.