Thursday, January 03, 2008

Baby Food

I managed to separate the ham from the bone and freeze the bone today, but it was not without a price -- Spike registered his discontent. My poor baby has four teeth coming in right now and he needs his mommy.

Tonight we had roasted chicken, cranberry sauce from a can, and (organic) roasted sweet potatoes which I sliced and layered in a dish with the rest of the honey glaze from the ham. Spike has been eating organic sweet potato (plain!*), and after trying some of his I think it really does taste better. He is getting more interested in solid foods. I thought he was enthusiastic about sweet potato until we gave him a little chicken. Wow!

Since there is a family history of food allergies, we are introducing foods one at a time and a few days apart. Some common allergens will be delayed a bit more than the recommended age for kids without a family history of allergies. A regular-kid chart is here.

So far, I think rice cakes are the winning food because although (or maybe because) they are messy, they are the best toy that we let him eat.

*Just wanted to clarify that I'm not giving Spike honey. Children under 1 year should not have honey.


Rhett said...

why are eggs divided? Glad to hear he liked it. Also... Do you know anyone allergic to pork?

radmama said...

Our family had allergies, too, so we did the same thing.

Especially with Kidlet 2 as Kidlet 1 has a milk allergy. She was hard to hold off, so I had to find a lot of low-allergen foods that entertained her. Watermelon, puffed millet, steamed carrot sticks, apples in any form and rice cakes were very popular. You have to watch them carefully with the rice cakes, but they're usually too well gummed to be a hazard.