Sunday, April 08, 2007

Baby Bunting Bag

This has been a good year for reporting my finished objects thus far - as well as creating them! Here is one of the latest:

baby bunting bag

It's a baby bunting bag, sleep sack, whatever you'd like to call it. A prior entry on the subject can be found here. The sleeves, despite their appearance, are the same length. I promise.

Details - This is made from Simplicity pattern #5720. I also made the hat. I don't have any complaints about the project other than it was my first sewing pattern since circa 1992 and I didn't have any helpful folks around to tell me what things meant. I either had to wing it or scour the internets for assistance.

The zipper was quite a feat, and once it was in I decided it was good enough for a first try; the collar is a little crooked as a result. I'm still not sure what the instructions wanted me to do with that bias tape at the top, so I took matters into my own hands and I think it looks pretty nice. I don't think I pre-washed my flannel on hot so both this bag and the matching hat shrunk a little more in the wash. I'm sure that Spike won't mind any of these things though.

Speaking of Spike, he is creating a ferocious nesting urge here. So much so that I'm anxious for Paul to wake up so that I can vacuum. Spike's nest is coming together nicely so far, considering it is still without furniture. The furniture story is such a saga that it should be only repeated in three-part harmony with full orchestration with shovels and rakes and implements of destruction, so perhaps it is best to simply say that one way or the other, a week from today there will be a crib, changing table and rocking chair in that room. Until then, the pack and play sits quietly in waiting, ready to be called into service.



radmama said...

I love it! Those are so convenient with newborns: nightgowns are nice, too, but hard to keep in place in slings and swaddlings.

THe crib is nice for nesting, holding stuffed animals and unfolded laundry, but the baby won't care a whit if he arrives before the crib!

Hazel Johnson said...

You did not mention the price, or size. Is it for newborns, or later? What age?